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What is a culture of Learning

Whether you know it or not, your organization has a learning culture. If you employ humans, learning happens in your workplace every day. Learning is necessary for survival. It’s a natural instinct. We constantly absorb information, determine what’s important, and decide how to act.

The role of learning is to maximize the potential of your organization by maximizing the potential of all the people in it.

Plan + Consult + Great Implement = Your Business Succes

Building a strong and effective culture is a strategic, long-term initiative that requires sustained focus and commitment. The power of senior leadership to set the vision, focus the entire organization, remove roadblocks, and role model desired behavior, cannot be delegated to others.

Transformative Learning

Transformative learning is the expansion of consciousness through the transformation

of worldview and capacities of the self. It’s an act of changing how we see and do things.

According to researchers, the three dimensions of transformative learning are:


Change in understanding - Knowledge, information, models, and theories shift the learner’s understanding and provide the “why``.


Change in actions - The learner uses observation, application, and experimentation to do something differently.


Revision of belief system - The learner permanently shifts a perspective or view, often through an “Aha!” moment or insight.

Key benefit of culture of learning

Employee Engagement Goes Up

A “Growth Mindset” Takes Root Yielding Ever-higher Levels Of Performance.

Enhanced Creativity And Innovation Drives Individual And Team Success.

Employee Motivation Goes Up.

New Technology Skills Are Easier To Obtain.

Leadership Development Gains Priority. “Human” Skills Like Leadership, Self Control, Empathy, Communication, Conflict Resolution, And Cultural Competence Are Critical To The Success Of Any Organization.

Teach managers how to coach

Build employee competence and confidence using appreciative inquiry, which is a method for learning from peak performances. Make sure managers know how to ask coaching questions that help employees cultivate their own wisdom and confidence.

Building A Superior Organization culture

Formulation strategy – Internalization

Process – Implementation

Building a  Corporate Culture

Building A Superior Organization culture

Discover the fundamental your organization Culture Gap / Culture and effect to raise performance levels and improve company agility in era of hyper competition and disruption.

Take away proven stategies, best practices, guidelines and techniques to build and reinforce an Uplifting your corporate culture and how effective implementation.

Align the culture building activities currently in use throughout your organization goals and challenge.

Identify opportunities for new culture building initiatives, upgrades and improvements.

Prioritize activities and develop practical action plans for best results.

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